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Rebirth Story
570 years ago... Magic was a primary source into research and living standards. It was used
to create fire, Cool the warm winds and provide water if there was to be a drought.
But some saw this power as a weapon, a weapon which could enslave the world if was mastered
by a truly powerful sorceror, or perhaps... a Satanic Cult.
War broke out and enslaved the world under the hand of those who thought they had the right
to do it, They called themselves "The house of Almighty" also known as, the catholic church.
They used Magic to wreck havoc and use their connection with God as an excuse to rule the world.
A powerful Sorceror named "Xaldin" opposed them, though he had little followers, Himself and
the leader of the False Demonic Catholics "Jeremiah Best" had a duel to the finish.
Xaldin's life ended that day along with all the followers and their Hideout, "The Temple of Light"
As magic perished so did the Catholic church's lust for it's power.
One year ago...
Magic has since been forgotten
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Pickilow Lines-SamHaft
Ok so I want Pickilow's voice to sound Like "Vaan Ratsbane" from Final Fantasy 12.
Here are his lines
Scared voice: I'm getting outta here!
Scared/Questioning voice: And who are you?!
Mad voice: Alright you fricken Pyscho! who HIRED YOU?!
Calm voice to Shouting: Well in that case... WHO THE FUCK HIRED YOU?!
Bossy voice: Get up then and I'll fix it
Annoyed voice: What? your stupid guitar is a key?
Hesitation voice: Fine... but I need some answers
Normal talking: Tell me when we get back to my house, I have something to show you.
Question: Sure did! What is it?
Question: Was it Black, Shaped weirdly and had a lion's head on the handle?
Amazed voice: How... did I lock it?!
Trying to call Pipe back: Wait! How Di-
Thinking voice: Keyblade huh? better pay the director a visit
Annoyed voice: Of course... LOCKED
Normal Voice: Time to see what this thing can do!
*Gasping for breat: Who... are you?!
Dizzy voice: Where... am I? Who... are you?
Shakey voice: T-Thanks sir, w-what happened?
Laid Bac
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Rebirth Character lines
Ok, so the Situation here is that our Hero Pickilow is in danger from a so called "priest"
named Fr.Bent, In the previous game (which I admit the graphics sucked) he revealed his true
form as a satanic demon from the depths of hell.
Now here is abit about all the characters in the last game and new ones for this Game.
Pickilow (1st Depression)
Pickilow was a 20 year old male species of "Plop" (pretty much circular Blobs) who is
an actor on T.V for kids, He teaches them the moral difference between right or wrong.
The reason He wanted to become an actor is over his childhood friend "Wendy" a Pink
Plop who mans the cameras on the show along with his best friend Bob who works the special
After a terrible performance at work he gets fired by his boss, "The Director" leaving him
to be laughed at by his friends...
Stalking Bob on his way home he uses his blind fury to stab his friend and leave him on
the street to die.
Reaching Home with regrets filling his mind, he receives a phone
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Pipe Battle Info
NOTE: If you program this exactly how I say, you shall receive  25% rev (I have alot
of people to pay for this I have 25% too, 25% for our artist and the rest for VA)
P.S I plan to make frontpage, seeing how you're doing programming, Got a good artist and
great VA) NOTE: I get 8% for VA and  make $25 so imagine 25% :O (Almost 100usd)
DETAILS: 750x600pixels 24fps
Just draw Circles for the enemies and for Pipe and bosses, draw the backgrounds rough
(The artist's drawings will be filled in)
NOTE: You do Not need to do the cutscenes
Scene 1
Kinda like a Final Fantasy 1 PSP layout, You walk down a long road with random enemy
Enemy 1- Goblin
HP- 15
Steal- 1-3hp (Steals HP from you and gains it)
(If you can make several goblins appear it would be great)
After each battle you gain strength.
Pipe Info
Attack- 14-16hp
Limit- 34hp
Fire- 18hp (only can use 3 times in a battle)
e.g after battle Pipe's Attack move will go from 14-16hp to 16-18hp
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My Stuff like Games, Flashes, Pics and Stuff!


So I've apparently been on DeviantArt for an "amazing" 5 years yet haven't exactly been active in well over 3 of those years. I used to make games and movies on Newgrounds but those days have long transgressed the boundaries of a reality to me. I used to go on this and post my most early works, i.e. Mostly nonsensical, inaudible drivel created by the young, naive 12-14 adolescent I once was. Nonetheless, it still remains to be the epitome of nostalgia whenever I do return to this once active account only to see it barren, collecting dust, an imprint of my once "great legacy" left on the internet's large but collective surface. 

So what am I doing here? many years later, like a traveler retracing his footprints lost in the sands beneath his feet!?!? WHY PRAY TELL?!?! HAVE I RETURNED TO THIS ABANDONED SANCTUARY OF BLISS? I will tell you why..... 

>insert dramatic ambient theme and long 45 second pause<

Because a friend told me to check her page out on DA.... yep.... not as fantastic as I was making it out to be so what shall I post? if ever again..... Who knows? What do my loyal and dedicated "fans" of 1/2 a decade DEMAND from their once great hero?
More animation? (oh God please no) MORE GAMES?!?! (I think I forget how to program lol) or could it be.... MORE CRAPPY ART?!?!?

-Waits for audience to gasp in awe and wonder as sarcasm ensues-

To be honest the most I will probably post here is either some old crappy work that has never seen the light of day or of course, some more lovely script/storyboards and story extract from yours truly! 

P.S: During my absence I roleplayed a decent amount so I could always write some gay  adaptation of that (although that would be classified as fan fiction which has its tendencies to be quite cringey)

Anywho.. enough of the rabble of nonsense, I digress.... Soon my friends! I shall return...
  • Listening to: Final Fantasy X OST- Tidus' Theme
  • Reading: Works of Old!
  • Watching: My life slowly pass away
  • Playing: Danny Games
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water of Life MY IM THIRSTY


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Shakil Rahman
Artist | Student | Literature
I'm 19 years old. I used to make Flash games and animations back on Newgrounds when I was ages 12-15 but haven't since, I've been on DA in many years and I want to kill myself looking through it...

I usually don't go on here often so if you wanna contact me send me an E-mail

Current Residence: Cork, Ireland
deviantWEAR sizing preference: What?
Print preference: Emm yes???
Favourite genre of music: Instrumental
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Fan Art
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: VLC Media Player
Shell of choice: SeaShell
Wallpaper of choice: Fantasy
Skin of choice: Tanned oh baby!
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Personal Quote: The fruit of knowledge is always the hardest to Digest


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